Video / 3D

1750s Philadelphia, rendered in Twinmotion using surveys, contemporary illustrations, and photographs of surviving buildings

Leviathant - Get it (recorded during the pandemic lockdown)

Leviathant - Performing "Aftermath" from the Quake OST on a Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Melissa Dunphy - The Gonzales Cantata (Full Concert Video)

Melissa Dunphy - What Do You Think I Fought For At Omaha Beach (Debut Concert)

Melissa Dunphy - Tesla's Pigeon Takes Manhattan (Kickstarter)

Delaware Valley Opera Company - Figaro + Orchestra (Kickstarter)

Melissa Dunphy - The Frail (Variations on a theme)

Slow Andy - Codename: Trixie

Web Design & Development

I used to do a lot of work in Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySql, MongoDB, etc.

The NIN Hotline

The Boghouse Podcast

The Gonzales Cantata

Emulating the Boss DR-110 in Javascript and HTML

The Boss DR-110 Dr Rhythm Graphic Information Homepage

...and I currently work for the company that invented headless commerce


Original music

Leviathant - Aurelia: Music from Aubrey Clinedinst's "Starman*" (2022)

Leviathant - Get It (2020)

Leviathant - Into, Away (2020)

Leviathant - Accelerationist (2019)

War Film (2014)

Up Your Cherry (2012)


Slow Andy (2003)

Tears for Agnes (2004)


Mormolyke Press


Social Networking







Facebook is only for people I've met in person

As seen in USA Today, April 18, 2007 and heard on KROQ's Kevin & Bean show, April 25, 2007

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